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  • We are back to on site worship in the Sanctuary at 10:30.​
    • Sunday Worship Services will also be live streamed at 10:30 am on Sundays.

Prayer Concerns:

Please pray for .... Deb Dierks, Floyd Anderson, Joan Knutson, Shirlee Hall & others not wishing to be mentioned by name whom we silently bring to the Lord in prayer.


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Small, but faithful congregation back for first on site worship since March 15, 2020. Thank you all, both those in the sanctuary and those online. it is good to be able to worship with you all, no matter what form we use.
Pastor Mark

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Sunday School 9:15 AM
Worship 10:30 AM


10/25/2020     10:30 AM

Sunday School

10/25/2020     9:15 AM


11/01/2020     10:30 AM

Sunday School

11/01/2020     9:15 AM


11/08/2020     10:30 AM